You guys I am so excited to announce that we have Chelsea from Bright Bold Design with us here today sharing this awesome DIY cake topper! We’ve been big fans of Chelsea’s tutorials for a while now and we know you guys will love love love to make a fun topper like this too, the best news is it costs less than $5 (£3.50!)What a bargain! Let’s get started shall we?



Remove the tags from the embroidery thread, you can pick up embroidery thread at any craft or sewing store. You’ll notice that the two ends of the tread are looped, keep the ends looped.


Take the end of the tread and remove 12″, this will give you 12″ of thread to wrap around the top of the loop. Tie a not near one of the looped ends and begin wrapping the loop around the top. Tie a knot at the end of the wrapped thread


Now lay your embroidery thread flat trim the looped + wrapped end to your desired length.


Repeat the same step at the other looped end of the thread. This will give you 2 mini tassels per thread.


Grab a needle, run some string through the needle. Once you string is attached, run the needle + string through the tassel loops


Glue your “Celebrate” (note: you can find little wood cut outs in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby or any craft store for $1.99, pick up any saying) topper to the skewers, add the string of mini tassels. Wahoo, you did it, a custom cake topper for only $5!

Woohoo! How easy was that? And how cute does it look?! You could swap out the celebrate sign too for ‘just married’ or whatever you fancy! We think the tassels would look awesome in all colours of the rainbows too.


DIY Wedding: Add A Touch Of Gold to Your Cake Topper


When your wedding cake has been designed especially for you with luxe handmade and gilded details like this boho inspired wedding cake, not just any cake topper will do. Adding gold leafing paint to this Best Day Ever cake topper compliments the gold and white details on the cake as well as the sweet table decor. If you are looking for a way to add your own personal touch to your wedding day then this simple DIY project is just for you. Here’s how you can add gold details to any cake topper.

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