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Always” Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re a fan of all things Harry Potter then you know the significance of this Harry Potter-themed cake topper.

Not only does this super cool cake topper feature the “Deathly Hallows” (not creepy at all if you know their meaning) – the Invisibility Cloak, the Elder Wand, and the Resurrection Stone – but it also highlights one of the most surprising lines in the entire film! Continue reading “Always” Wedding Cake Topper”

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Customized Cake Toppers 2017

Inspired by her love for working with paper and a passion for fashion, Virginia Beach artist Lauren McHale began creating hand-sculpted wedding cake toppers in 2010.

“I realized that I could sculpt paper the same way that I sculpt clay to create textures and designs to mimic fabric and replicate attire onto miniature forms,” she said. In other words, McHale specializes in personalized toppers that replicate actual brides and grooms—the dress, of course, and right down to the accessories, hair pieces, pets, props or any other important request.

She receives custom orders through her Etsy shop, Crimson Muse, and spends anywhere from 10–20 hours on each topper, depending on the intricacy of the pose and attire and the time needed to bring a vision to life. She says the first step is to sculpt each figure and then bake to harden. Once cooled down, she paints the faces and then starts painting and fashioning the attire from a very thin paper. McHale uses a glue mixture to sculpt the paper into place to resemble folds and textures in the fabric, as well as to give a firm hold to the attire to keep everything in place. Continue reading “Customized Cake Toppers 2017”