6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding anniversaries are a special time for couples, it’s a chance to take a moment and celebrate the love you have for one another, and acknowledge how much you’ve been through together. If you see yourselves as somewhat of a modern-day couple and are looking for the perfect gifts, you may be interested to know that a sixth wedding anniversary has the theme of amethyst, candy, or wood. Now if you’re more of a traditional couple, then you’ll want to stick to the traditional theme of iron or sugar.

What this means is that no matter what your couple gift giving style is, modern or traditional, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Wooden Chess Set

Wood Anniversary Gifts

For some couples the theme of “wood” can throw them for a bit of a loop, but there are all kinds of cool and fun ways you can incorporate the theme. A wooden chess set is the kind of gift that turns into an instant keepsake, but at the same time it’s a gift the two of you can enjoy together. Even if the two of you aren’t exactly chess experts, this is an opportunity to learn together, and have fun in the process.

Custom Wood Pub Sign

Here’s another way to work the theme of wood into your gift. If you’re the couple who has a bar type of set up in your house, then a custom wood pub sign would make for the perfect touch. What a wonderful way to add personality to the room, and create something you can hang on to forever. Continue reading “6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts”


How to Find Best Deal for Bobbleheads Toys?

Whenever we want to buy something, we have some expectations from that purchase. First of all we want the product that we have bought to be of top notch. The second expectation is that we get that product at best price. When we are able to get something that we want at a price that we are happy to pay for it, then we are happy and satisfied by the deal. When it comes to bobbleheads toys we have the same expectations from them as well. If you are planning to get some bobbleheads toys for yourself or to gift to others and would like to get some great toys at best prices then read this article and get some useful tips on this subject.

When it comes to custom bobbleheads toys you have a great chance to find some great deals online. As bobbleheads toys are widely popular all over the world including on internet, it will not be hard for you to find some good online stores that offers them. So the first step that have Continue reading “How to Find Best Deal for Bobbleheads Toys?”

wedding cake topper

Always” Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re a fan of all things Harry Potter then you know the significance of this Harry Potter-themed cake topper.

Not only does this super cool cake topper feature the “Deathly Hallows” (not creepy at all if you know their meaning) – the Invisibility Cloak, the Elder Wand, and the Resurrection Stone – but it also highlights one of the most surprising lines in the entire film! Continue reading “Always” Wedding Cake Topper”

Mermaid cake toppre Lauren 3_5 (2)(3)

Customized Cake Toppers 2017

Inspired by her love for working with paper and a passion for fashion, Virginia Beach artist Lauren McHale began creating hand-sculpted wedding cake toppers in 2010.

“I realized that I could sculpt paper the same way that I sculpt clay to create textures and designs to mimic fabric and replicate attire onto miniature forms,” she said. In other words, McHale specializes in personalized toppers that replicate actual brides and grooms—the dress, of course, and right down to the accessories, hair pieces, pets, props or any other important request.

She receives custom orders through her Etsy shop, Crimson Muse, and spends anywhere from 10–20 hours on each topper, depending on the intricacy of the pose and attire and the time needed to bring a vision to life. She says the first step is to sculpt each figure and then bake to harden. Once cooled down, she paints the faces and then starts painting and fashioning the attire from a very thin paper. McHale uses a glue mixture to sculpt the paper into place to resemble folds and textures in the fabric, as well as to give a firm hold to the attire to keep everything in place. Continue reading “Customized Cake Toppers 2017”



You guys I am so excited to announce that we have Chelsea from Bright Bold Design with us here today sharing this awesome DIY cake topper! We’ve been big fans of Chelsea’s tutorials for a while now and we know you guys will love love love to make a fun topper like this too, the best news is it costs less than $5 (£3.50!)What a bargain! Let’s get started shall we?



Remove the tags from the embroidery thread, you can pick up embroidery thread at any craft or sewing store. You’ll notice that the two ends of the tread are looped, keep the ends looped.


Take the end of the tread and remove 12″, this will give you 12″ of thread to wrap around the top of the loop. Tie a not near one of the looped ends and begin wrapping the loop around the top. Tie a knot at the end of the wrapped thread


Now lay your embroidery thread flat trim the looped + wrapped end to your desired length.


Repeat the same step at the other looped end of the thread. This will give you 2 mini tassels per thread.


Grab a needle, run some string through the needle. Once you string is attached, run the needle + string through the tassel loops


Glue your “Celebrate” (note: you can find little wood cut outs in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby or any craft store for $1.99, pick up any saying) topper to the skewers, add the string of mini tassels. Wahoo, you did it, a custom cake topper for only $5!

Woohoo! How easy was that? And how cute does it look?! You could swap out the celebrate sign too for ‘just married’ or whatever you fancy! We think the tassels would look awesome in all colours of the rainbows too.


DIY Wedding: Add A Touch Of Gold to Your Cake Topper


When your wedding cake has been designed especially for you with luxe handmade and gilded details like this boho inspired wedding cake, not just any cake topper will do. Adding gold leafing paint to this Best Day Ever cake topper compliments the gold and white details on the cake as well as the sweet table decor. If you are looking for a way to add your own personal touch to your wedding day then this simple DIY project is just for you. Here’s how you can add gold details to any cake topper.

Featured here: Best Day Ever Acrylic Cake Topper Continue reading “DIY Wedding: Add A Touch Of Gold to Your Cake Topper”


Creative Wedding Cake Toppers We Love

Nothing brings out your personality as a couple like your wedding cake topper!

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s all in the details and one of our favorite details is the wedding cake topper. From hilarious, to simply gorgeous, cake toppers tend to tell your wedding guest a piece of the story they might now know, yet. Are you a silly, fashionable, totally DIY or romantic couple? Your cake topper on you Big Day cake is one of those unique details to make your personalities shine through. Here are some of our absolute favorite Wedding Cake Topper finds:

Top it with: Flowers

There is something super simplistic, but elegant about topping your wedding cake with flowers. You can use flowers that you carried in your bouquet on used in your decor.  It’s inexpensive and adds a nice touch of color to your cake.

Source: WeddingMoons by Sandals & Beaches

Continue reading “Creative Wedding Cake Toppers We Love”

Wilton Ball and Chain Humorous Cake Topper

Top 10 Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

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Personalized Wedding Cake Topper with Dog, Mr and Mrs Cake Topper Letters, Monogram Wedding Cake Topper – Solid Colors

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The Legacy of Love collection serves as a daily reminder of life’s blessings. Featuring hand-painted stone resin construction and intricate sculpted detail, this elegant bride & groom cake topper adds a luxurious touch to their special day. Gold and silver accents, 13 inlaid crystals, and a clear acrylic oval base provides the perfect finishing touch to any wedding cake.

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Custom Personalized Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper With Your Last Name Acrylic Cake Topper for Special Events

Thank you for checking out Sugar Yeti Cake Toppers, Cake toppers for any occasion: weddings, birthdays, just because, and anything you can dream of! We can do custom words.

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Custom Personalized Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper With Your Last Name Acrylic Cake Topper for Special Events
Letter B rhinestone cake topper in genuine crystal rhinestones. Material: Sturdy Metal with crystal rhinestones. Total height is 7″ including metal prongs. Prongs can be easily cut/shortened. Gorgeous Keepsake.

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Wilton Ball and Chain Humorous Cake Topper

Add a lighthearted touch to the celebration. Great for pre-wedding events such as showers, this figurine is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who has ever planned a wedding.

Wedding Collectibles Funny Sexy Tender Touch Cake Topper

Show your funny and naughty side with this sly and excited bride and groom that are secretly giving each other a tender pat. It will surely cause a flurry at your wedding reception or bridal shower. This piece would also compliment your bachelorette party and looks great on the groom’s cake!! Hand painted porcelain. Cake Topper Design By Wedding Collectibles.

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Now I Have You Figurine. Add a lighthearted touch to the celebration. Sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who has ever planned a wedding! Resin. Height: 4 1/4 inches. Base: 4 1/4 x 3 3/4 inches.

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Just the nearness of you a tender and elegant sculpture of young lovers. With only three touch points, it communicates the excitement and electricity of romantic love. Carved completely in the round, the figures seem to turn around each other, so that from every angle, you get a different understanding of their shared feelings…re-carved to 6 inch size, the around you cake topper is ideal for weddings. The round base with carved Roses provides extra stability on top of a cake. Resin and paint are cured and lead-free, and all materials are tested to ensure food safety.

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Custom Bobbleheads from your photo ,Custom wedding cake topper

Melissa & Doug Birthday Party Cake - Wooden Play Food With Mix-n-Match Toppings and 7 Candles


Everyone deserves a homemade cake on their birthday, and nothing feels quite as special as a big, over-the-top butter and sugar confection topped with piles of fluffy frosting and crowned with a ring of candles. Whether your lucky recipient’s taste tends toward a classic buttery yellow cake, dense chocolate layers, or tropical flavors, one of these tempting desserts should do the trick. Even the birthday guy/gal who loves everything in miniature can find what they want right here.

About the product    Click here to buy
7″ 6-8 Servings, Weight: 1 lb 14 oz
IDEAL BIRTHDAY CAKE – Make someone feel special with this unforgettably delicious delight!
FINEST INGREDIENTS – This moist chocolate cake is layered with a creamy filling and topped with a decadent ganache.
NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES – This birthday cake has no artificial preservatives added. It tastes just like you baked it at home!
KOSHER DESSERT – Our cake is OU-D certified, the most respected kosher certification in the United States.

About the product      Click here to buy
Weight: 1 lb 10 oz
6-8 Servings
Vanilla & Raspberry Cake Continue reading “2017 THE BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE RECIPES FOR YOUR PARTY”


Wedding Planning Basics: Where To Begin

They say wedding planning is up there with moving house and changing job when it comes stressful life events. The good news is that planning your big day doesn’t have to be a hassle. It can actually be really fun! If you’re celebrating your engagement, you may be wondering where to begin. Here are some top tips to help you navigate your way through the planning process without any problems at all.

Set a date and choose a venue

Everyone is different. Some people get engaged and then can’t wait to get married. Others wish to enjoy a long engagement. Whatever your preference, it’s a good idea to have some dates in mind. If you want to get married within twelve months of getting engaged, it’s wise to start looking at venues as soon as possible. This is particularly important if you want to get married during peak wedding season. Do you want a summer wedding, or are you looking around Christmas or New Year? If so, it’s advisable to get in there early. If you’re not flexible with dates, make sure you check availability before you book viewings. There’s no point in looking around places that are already booked.

If you’re flexible with dates, you may have a wider range of options to choose from when it comes to your venue. Think about where you want your ceremony to take place. Do you want a church wedding? Would you rather have a civil ceremony? Do you want two different venues or would you prefer to have everything at the same place?

When you’re looking around venues, go with your instincts, but consider practicalities. Is the venue big enough to cater for all your guests? Is there scope to add your own touches? Is it in an accessible location? Is it affordable? Arrange some second viewings before you make a final decision.

Image via

Draw up your guest list and send out save the dates

When you get engaged, this is probably one of the first things you’ll start thinking about. Write down a list of everyone you want to invite to the wedding. You may wish to have separate lists for the ceremony and the evening reception.

Once you’ve got your list, contact your guests and ask for addresses. Design your save the date cards and send them out. Personalising your invites and cards is a great way to channel a theme and make your wedding more unique. Have a look at wedding stationery from Paper Themes for ideas. With your save the dates, all you need is the date and the location. You can include information about timings, hotels, and directions with your formal invitations.

Book some dress fittings

It can take a long time to find, order, and alter the perfect wedding dress. Search online for local bridal boutiques or ask friends or colleagues for recommendations. Call up and book some fittings. When you go to the shop, have a good look around. Try on a variety of dresses. Even if you think you’re sure about what you want, don’t narrow down your options immediately. You might be surprised at what suits you, and which styles you like best once you’ve tried some dresses on. Take your bridesmaids, parents, or friends with you and make a day of it. Don’t rush this stage of planning. This is probably something you’ve been looking forward to for years. If you can’t find the ideal dress straight away, don’t panic. If you’re tried on a load of different dresses, and nothing feels quite right, you could design your own dress. Look for local dressmakers and arrange a meeting.

Find a photographer

Most people are desperate to have incredible shots of their wedding day. Try and book a photographer well in advance of your wedding day. Check out websites and arrange to meet some different photographers. Have a look through portfolios. Go for somebody who offers the style of photography you want. Some people like formal, traditional shots. Others prefer a more natural approach.

Once you’ve got all these jobs ticked off, you can focus on the finishing touches. Think about flowers, bridesmaid dresses, rings, and transport. You may also want to add entertainment, table decorations and hair and makeup to your list. Draw up a budget, and keep a record of what has been paid for and what still needs to be done.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. But it can also be really enjoyable. Get the basics sorted first and then working through your list. Good luck!