Better than a Boyfriend Cupcakes

Cupcakes so rich, decadent and dripping in chocolate I’ve named them Better than a Boyfriend Cupcakes! Plus, they’re topped with a mini powdered sugar donut, so that’s better than a cherry! After all, we can’t have “bald” boyfriend cupcakes!

Valentine’s Day is next week and I have a bunch of red velvet recipes for all your red lovers out there! But if you need a humorous treat for your Gal-entines day party than these are them! If donuts aren’t your jam then top with with Oreos or Samoa cookies! You can swap out the chocolate sauce for caramel sauce as well!

I dressed these up in cute blue liners because our cupcake boyfriend has to look sharp! And guess what, you can have as many “boyfriends” as you want and no one has to know!
Your boyfriends might not be rich… but these ones sure are!
I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day was soooo much better as a kid! Making cute pink and purple boxes and getting a bunch of funny cards and candy from everyone in class! No stress! Now you have to find a date or if you’re married you have to do something spectacular or stay in and feel semi lame because you didn’t get all dolled up. Okay, getting dolled up is fun… but I still think I prefer the box full of candy and daffy duck cards from my classmates.

But these sure aren’t better than my boyfriend.

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