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Always” Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re a fan of all things Harry Potter then you know the significance of this Harry Potter-themed cake topper.

Not only does this super cool cake topper feature the “Deathly Hallows” (not creepy at all if you know their meaning) – the Invisibility Cloak, the Elder Wand, and the Resurrection Stone – but it also highlights one of the most surprising lines in the entire film! Continue reading “Always” Wedding Cake Topper”

Mermaid cake toppre Lauren 3_5 (2)(3)

Customized Cake Toppers 2017

Inspired by her love for working with paper and a passion for fashion, Virginia Beach artist Lauren McHale began creating hand-sculpted wedding cake toppers in 2010.

“I realized that I could sculpt paper the same way that I sculpt clay to create textures and designs to mimic fabric and replicate attire onto miniature forms,” she said. In other words, McHale specializes in personalized toppers that replicate actual brides and grooms—the dress, of course, and right down to the accessories, hair pieces, pets, props or any other important request.

She receives custom orders through her Etsy shop, Crimson Muse, and spends anywhere from 10–20 hours on each topper, depending on the intricacy of the pose and attire and the time needed to bring a vision to life. She says the first step is to sculpt each figure and then bake to harden. Once cooled down, she paints the faces and then starts painting and fashioning the attire from a very thin paper. McHale uses a glue mixture to sculpt the paper into place to resemble folds and textures in the fabric, as well as to give a firm hold to the attire to keep everything in place. Continue reading “Customized Cake Toppers 2017”


Creative Wedding Cake Toppers We Love

Nothing brings out your personality as a couple like your wedding cake topper!

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s all in the details and one of our favorite details is the wedding cake topper. From hilarious, to simply gorgeous, cake toppers tend to tell your wedding guest a piece of the story they might now know, yet. Are you a silly, fashionable, totally DIY or romantic couple? Your cake topper on you Big Day cake is one of those unique details to make your personalities shine through. Here are some of our absolute favorite Wedding Cake Topper finds:

Top it with: Flowers

There is something super simplistic, but elegant about topping your wedding cake with flowers. You can use flowers that you carried in your bouquet on used in your decor.  It’s inexpensive and adds a nice touch of color to your cake.

Source: WeddingMoons by Sandals & Beaches

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Happy Friday guys! I’m so excited to introduce you to one of our guest DIYers and a super cute conversation heart cake tutorial today! Since me and Emily aren’t the best at baking we felt it would be better if we handed you over to Holly from Club Crafted for this adorable tutorial just in time for Valentines Day….

Hi there! I, Holly, am really only into Valentine’s Day for the treats. Sorry boys, but dessert is still the way to my heart, and whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girl gang or with your S.O., these fun conversation heart cakes are the perfect way to celebrate the day of love.

Based on the classic conversation heart candies, these mini cakes can be customized with your favorite little sayings. Display them for a party, make them for your friends or make them for simply indulging on Valentine’s Day! Using any recipe you’d like with mini heart pans, spread pastel colored icing all over the cake and write words on them with red gel icing to create cakes that look just like the conversation hearts we all know and love. Here’s how to make them! Continue reading “HEY GIRL! MAKE THESE CUTE CONVERSATION HEART CAKES FOR V-DAY!”


Make the Latest Cake Craze! With Our Brushstroke Cake Tutorial

We’ve been spotting these fun, quirky brushstroke cake designs around for a short while — and how awesome are they!? A brushstroke cake makes a dramatic statement, and you can even customize it to a specific event. If you want to learn to recreate the latest cake craze, read on to learn how to make your own brushstroke cake — it’s way easier than you may think!

Easy brushstroke cake tutorialScene stealing brushstroke cake tutorial
Skill level: Advanced beginner

MATERIALS NEEDED: Continue reading “Make the Latest Cake Craze! With Our Brushstroke Cake Tutorial”


Add Extra Craft To Your Cakes With a Paper Cake Topper DIY

Gone are the days of crusted-over, royal-icing-piped plain white cakes. Cakes these days have a wide-open canvas and coming up with new ways to bring them to life is so much fun. Cake toppers are such a sweet way to take cakes over the top — and the ideas are endless!

Cake toppers range from fondant figurines, ornate gum paste flowers in a rainbow of colors, edible rice paper blooms to modeling chocolate madness! But the one trend I’m really loving? Mixing beautiful buttercream cake designs with pretty paper crafts garland to make fun and unique cake toppers, perfect for all occasions.



Paper craft paper in a myriad of colors (or, get your recycling cap on and look to colorful card envelopes or even postcard junk mail!)
Circle craft punch in one or two sizes (I used a 2 inch and 1 inch circle craft punch)
Two wooden BBQ skewers
Baker’s twine in a cute color
Tape (I used red and white striped washi tape but clear Scotch tape will do just fine!)


Tie your baker’s twine around one of the wooden skewers.


Adhere your punched-out craft paper circles to the baker’s twine with a simple piece of tape. Note: Tape the twine to the upper third of the craft circle so the circles hang down nicely and don’t flip over.


Continue taping your circles in a pattern that appeals to your eye! I liked mixing up the circle sizes and colors while sticking to a special color palette I knew would match the final cake I was using.


Once you’ve taped all your paper circles to the baker’s twine, simply snip off the twine and tie it to the second wooden skewer.


Place your newly created and super cute paper cake topper into your cake! See how extra cute it makes a cake? Hooray!


We’ve got inspiration right here. Check out these adorable paper cake DIY ideas for your next paper + cake design!


Better than a Boyfriend Cupcakes

Cupcakes so rich, decadent and dripping in chocolate I’ve named them Better than a Boyfriend Cupcakes! Plus, they’re topped with a mini powdered sugar donut, so that’s better than a cherry! After all, we can’t have “bald” boyfriend cupcakes!

Valentine’s Day is next week and I have a bunch of red velvet recipes for all your red lovers out there! But if you need a humorous treat for your Gal-entines day party than these are them! If donuts aren’t your jam then top with with Oreos or Samoa cookies! You can swap out the chocolate sauce for caramel sauce as well! Continue reading “Better than a Boyfriend Cupcakes”

Spring Twirl Dome Cake with Bavarian Filling 4


Happy First Day of Spring, friends! I made something sweet and colorful to celebrate.
One of my all-time favorite desserts to make is a cake roll (as evidenced here, here and here). I hadn’t made one in months so I made up for it big time by rolling up three (!) for this swirly-twirly dome cake.

Technically, you’ll only need one cake roll to create the swirly exterior. And I freely admit that this tri-color version is just a result of me having a ball in the kitchen. I got carried away as I often do. If you’d rather make just one brightly-hued cake roll, then the dessert will be no less delicious and will save you a little time and leftovers.

The interior is luscious Bavarian cream, which is a classic pastry element similar to pastry cream. It’s thicker and moldable since it has the addition of gelatin. The Bavarian is layered with sweetened whipped cream that I tinted pink. Assembly may seem daunting, so I made a short video to show you how it’s done.

This is a lengthy recipe, but it makes a fun project for a day dedicated to serious baking. If you’d like an easy shortcut, the Bavarian cream can be replaced with layers of your favorite softened ice cream. If making the ice cream (bombe) version, you’ll need to store the cake in the freezer in stead of the refrigerator, of course.



SPRING! In my neck of the woods, this means cherry blossoms blooming, lil green leaves sprouting up everywhere and sanity-saving sunny days of playing outside. Perhaps it means taking up running again and getting some fitness up in this muffin top??

It definitely means busting out the piping bags for some extra pretty Spring-in-your-step cakes. I love the look of the buttercream ribbon rose cake – the ribbon rose is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a tight little ribbon of buttercream that forms an adorable mini rosette. This whole mint green/peachy rose look is giving me a serious 1990s Laura Ashley vibe/Cabbage Patch Kids/Anne Geddes mega vibe which of course I’m very into…

I was just telling Teddy about what it means to make someone that you love feel good. He was telling me that for Easter, he would give me the Easter eggs which he didn’t like the look of… so I said what would really be special is if you gave me the one that was actually the one you really liked. Then I started telling him about the time when my sisters and I were kids, and Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage in 1982, those rock-hard-faced dolls were the most coveted toy of Christmas that year, each with a signature scrawl on their butt. My sister Shelley wanted a brown-haired one, that was her big wish – I wanted a brown haired one too… but when we tore into those wrapped tell-tale boxes, my sister ended up with a red-haired one and I got the brown-haired one. HUGE TEARS erupted from my sister as she was so sad she didn’t get her brown-haired one… I immediately went over to her and told her she could have mine (even though I really wanted the brown haired one too!) and I ended up with little ginger Arianna with the carrot-orange braids. This is probably my first memory of being empathetic and compassionate, at 6 years old. NOT TOO SHABBY, LITTLE ME!

A few weeks ago Teddy and I made strawberry ice cream from scratch, and the frigging waffle cones too. Other things we’ve made together include pancakes, waffles, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, banana chocolate chip muffins… he loves cracking eggs, even though I’m holding my breath every time he does it (entirely non-gracefully, with large shards of shell embedded in yolk and whites). I want to give him these baking experiences, and to show him that things don’t have to come from a store, and to spend time with him in the kitchen (also so he thinks my job is cool, hehe). I’m guessing 20 years from now he will look back and appreciate baking with mom… 😛


100 Layer Cake best of 2016: Wedding Cakes

Did you peep our most popular weddings of 2016? All the weddings we’ve featured came complete with inspiring details from cakes to flowers to fashion + more. Best Of week gives us the chance to focus on all the fave details we’ve seen in the past 12 months. Starting, of course, with the cake!
2016 was all about vibrant, modern statement cakes. They all had standout designs that would make you want to linger a little longer at the dessert table. Another beautiful trend? Most were adorned with flowers. Flowers and cake, what more could you need