Creative Wedding Cake Toppers We Love

Nothing brings out your personality as a couple like your wedding cake topper!

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s all in the details and one of our favorite details is the wedding cake topper. From hilarious, to simply gorgeous, cake toppers tend to tell your wedding guest a piece of the story they might now know, yet. Are you a silly, fashionable, totally DIY or romantic couple? Your cake topper on you Big Day cake is one of those unique details to make your personalities shine through. Here are some of our absolute favorite Wedding Cake Topper finds:

Top it with: Flowers

There is something super simplistic, but elegant about topping your wedding cake with flowers. You can use flowers that you carried in your bouquet on used in your decor.  It’s inexpensive and adds a nice touch of color to your cake.

Source: WeddingMoons by Sandals & Beaches

Source: Wedding Chicks


Source: Sweet Art Bake Shop


Top it with: Funny Toppers

Everybody likes a good laugh at a wedding and these hilariously clever cake topper will do just that.

Source: Ann and Joe’s DIY WeddingMoon


Source: WeddingMoons by Sandals & Beaches (Retie The Knot)


Source: Pinterest

Top it with: Calligraphy

Amp up the chic with the twirls and swirls of a calligraphy topper on your gorgeous wedding cake. No matter how simple your cake, your topper will give your cake a level up for sure!

Source: Better Off Wed Rustics (Etsy)


Source: Le Rustic Chic (Etsy)


Source: We Do Expressions


Top it with: Candy & Treats

Cake topped with fruit or candy? Yes please! There really is no better way to add to fabulousness to your cake while giving your guests and yourself an extra treat. These cakes look absolutely amazing, too!

Source: Cake That! (Peppermint Photography via The Wedding Playbook)


Source: Pinterest


Source: Guilty Bakery

Top it with: Creativity

If you’ve been raiding Pinterest to find cute and unique ways to top your cake, this is for you. These toppers are cute and inexpensive and they will give a real personalized touch to your wedding cake.

Source: Pinterest


Source: Simply Savannah Events


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