Graduation Cakes – Class of 2017

Boston is a buzz this time of year with college students graduating to the next stage of life. Celebrate your student’s hard work with these sweet treats and desserts!

We can create custom graduation cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies and custom cakes for any graduate ranging from high school to college and even grad school. Here are some examples but feel free to contact us with your budget and design ideas and we’d be happy to create a custom cake just for you.

For even more cake inspiration go to our blogs search bar —> and type graduation to see similar cakes we’ve made in the past!

What better way to celebrate a dental school graduation than with a sweet tooth cake!

Here’s a classic cake with 3 friends who graduated college together.

Graduation caps with edible tassels and diplomas are must especially when they are this delicious. Send us your schools logo and colors and we can be sure to match the cake to your party.

If simple is more your style we’ve got custom cupcakes, buttercream gourmet cakes and decorated sugar cookies for favors. Graduation-Cupcakes

This group of friends all celebrated at one big block party but wanted to represent each of their schools into a single cake design. All logos are hand painted and all figurines of graduates and mascots are hand sculpted out of fondant and gumpaste.

multiple students graduation high school college cake

Spring Twirl Dome Cake with Bavarian Filling 4


Happy First Day of Spring, friends! I made something sweet and colorful to celebrate.
One of my all-time favorite desserts to make is a cake roll (as evidenced here, here and here). I hadn’t made one in months so I made up for it big time by rolling up three (!) for this swirly-twirly dome cake.

Technically, you’ll only need one cake roll to create the swirly exterior. And I freely admit that this tri-color version is just a result of me having a ball in the kitchen. I got carried away as I often do. If you’d rather make just one brightly-hued cake roll, then the dessert will be no less delicious and will save you a little time and leftovers.

The interior is luscious Bavarian cream, which is a classic pastry element similar to pastry cream. It’s thicker and moldable since it has the addition of gelatin. The Bavarian is layered with sweetened whipped cream that I tinted pink. Assembly may seem daunting, so I made a short video to show you how it’s done.

This is a lengthy recipe, but it makes a fun project for a day dedicated to serious baking. If you’d like an easy shortcut, the Bavarian cream can be replaced with layers of your favorite softened ice cream. If making the ice cream (bombe) version, you’ll need to store the cake in the freezer in stead of the refrigerator, of course.