Wedding Day

Wedding Day Keepsakes 2017

We know you’ve spent months, if not years, planning your dream wedding. From your bridal gown, floral arrangements to your wedding theme and color scheme down to how your cake will taste, countless hours have gone into planning each detail. All that time you have dedicated planning your wedding was only to be enjoyed for one-day right? Wrong! The groom couldn’t possibly be the only thing you take away from your wedding. You are in luck because The Manor has come to the rescue with a list of wedding day keepsakes to enjoy, treasure and reflect upon for years to come.
The Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake
It is tradition for many couples to preserve the top tier of their wedding cake, to enjoy on your one-year anniversary. To best preserve your cake for 365 days, we have some sound advice. Continue reading “Wedding Day Keepsakes 2017”